5 tips to prepare your home to sell

1 . Clean up that clutter

Sure we all know you have kids because we can see their beautiful faces in the photos around the house. This doesn't mean we want to see all their toys LOL. We also know you are most likely living in the house but we don't want to feel like we are living with you in the home. Makes sure countertops are cleared off from stacks of papers, toys are put away in bedrooms, laundry area is cleaned up, knick knacks aren’t just sitting out, and books aren’t stacked in corners - you know what I am talking about. When you're selling a house everything should have a place when it comes to storage (and if it doesn't more on that in point 3). Rooms that have clutter can make others feel anxious and buyers can spend more time looking at the clutter than looking at the potential of the space.


2 . The Kitchen

Kitchens are often the heart of the home and they can SELL homes. So before you leave the house make sure the counters are clean, there are no small appliances sitting out, the sinks are washed out, and the stove is wiped down. Focus on getting as many unnecessary items off the counter space as possible so potential buyers can see how much useable space there is. Also, don't forget to take out the garbage! 

3 . Organize and purge


Not using it? Get rid of it... or at least out of sight out of mind :)  

Here are a few things that should be packed away to help sell your house: 

  • Toys that kids aren't using. Things like large kitchen sets, small trampolines, those 50 puzzles they haven't done in months, books they don't read, and easels. These should all be boxed up and stored.

  • Out of season clothes and shoes -not using that parka because you're selling in summer? Then pack it in a rubbermaid and store it. Not wearing flip flops, water shoes, small runners? Pack them up! This will make closets appear larger and not full. Don't let a potential buyers think there isn't enough storage in your home. 

  • Treadmills, workout equipment, and weights - haven't worked out in months (maybe years??)... you probably won't start when your house is on the market. So find a spot for them or use this time to make some extra cash and sell them on the local marketplace websites. Getting rid of large bulky items will make rooms appear larger. 


4 . Bathrooms

Walk through your bathroom and see how clean it is. Does the toilet need cleaning, are faucets sparkling... Does the room smell good? Take a look at your shower curtain - is it stained and old? A clean new one might be your answer! Look in the shower and take out empty shampoo bottles. Also look at the ceiling and walls to see if they have any moisture issues and take note if anything should be repaired before you list your home. 


5 . Finish those projects!

If you’ve been doing some DIY projects now is the time to complete them. There is nothing worse than seeing missing baseboards, holes in drywall, unfinished tile jobs, and missing floorboards. There are some things you should probably hire a professional to do because not everyone is handy. Homeowners want peace of mind when they are buying homes with improvements and if it looks like you didn't know what you were doing then that could cost you the sale. 

Have more questions? Feel free to contact us today about selling your home!