#SinghsFullCircle | If these walls could talk

Before and After

Before and After

If these walls could talk, what would they say? Would they share about the blood, sweat, and tears that were poured into this home when it was first being built? Would they share that the home was once a show home back in 1992? Or that there wasn’t any neighbours around them when the foundation went in? Maybe they would share that they were part of a development that seemed so far east that many couldn’t imagine the city growing to the size we see today. One thing these walls would share is the many memories that were created in the space.


This wasn’t an ordinary remodel. This was special from the day we first heard about it, when our friends Paul and Stephanie sat in our boardroom and shared from their hearts about why they wanted to remodel this specific home.

It was Paul’s childhood home where his family had created many memories. Where they watched movies in the sunken family room on Friday nights, enjoyed laughs and games around the dining room table. Paul begged his parents to let him move into the bonus room above the garage (which never did happened). But, this is where they would eventually reflect on the precious memories of where their beloved wife/mother lived and loved. You see, this wasn’t just an ordinary remodel. This was a home coming full circle.

When Paul’s dad knew he didn’t need all this space and didn’t have time to keep up the home, they knew they weren’t ready to say goodbye to the house that held so many amazing memories. And that’s when Paul and Stephanie decided they would buy it and make it their own. While the memories would live on, the space would be new and the story of their home would come full circle.

The home was a golden oak palace with golden oak trim, doors, kitchen, railing and woodwork. Bright paint colours were found in many rooms, and the home had a traditional 90’s layout. While large in square footage the home felt choppy and rooms were closed off from one another. The kitchen was sandwiched between the formal dining room and the sunken family room, it felt small and cramped. But one thing was for sure –the home had lots of potential and we couldn’t wait to get started! Consulting with our friends John Robinson + Eric Mazden from Robinson Residential we created a floor plan that allowed for great entertaining and was open, yet private at the same time.

The main change came from moving the kitchen. Building up the sunken family room floor and relocating the kitchen to this back space. The dining room was then moved to the area that once was the kitchen, and the living room was now a large open concept space with a 4 panel sliding door to the backyard. The main floor received a completely new layout and the whole house was brought back from 1992 to 2019!


On the second floor the master bedroom and ensuite were where the most change happened. We took a small and squishy ensuite and turned it into a gorgeous and luxurious bathroom. No walls were left unpainted. We did new flooring, new trim, lights, and railings...everything was made new again! The space came to life with bright light coloured paint, new windows allowing for lots of natural light, and a brand new exterior that was the cherry on top!


We loved making this space Paul and Stephanie’s dream home. Taking a home filled with memories and special moments and adding a new chapter to this story. We know what these walls would say if they could talk, “welcome back home Paul. And Stephanie, we can’t wait to create new memories with you.”

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