5 Spring Cleaning Tips For Your Home & Yard

Often times, when we think of spring-cleaning, we think of the typical tasks like cleaning out the closet and dusting the house from top to bottom. But, we can forget about some important tasks that can help our homes performance, avoid some headaches down the line, and overall just freshen up our space. Here are 5 spring-cleaning tips to help get you started as the season changes here in Regina.


1. Clean Eavestrough & Direct Down Spouts

Typically in Saskatchewan, we can expect our fair share of rain throughout the summer. In order to help direct the water away from your property, and more importantly your foundation, grab a ladder and some gloves and ensure your eavestroughs are clear of any leaves from the previous year, or anything that would get in the way of proper flow and function of your eaves.

Take a second to ensure all downspouts are pointed away from the foundation and there are no low spots in your yard that would cause the water to flow back towards the foundation. Visit your local Regina hardware store and pickup a downspout extension if need be. They come in all shapes and sizes and you'll be able to find one that suits your needs.

2. Check Your Sump Pump & Pit

You won't believe the amount of basement flooding stories I've heard over the years that could have been avoided by simply having a working sump pump. It could be as easy as making sure it's plugged in and working properly. Ensure the no blockages and that it has enough power to pump outside and away from the foundation. Pour some water in the pit and pump it out - make sure it's doing its job!

Maybe it's a little old and needs an upgrade. For a couple hundred bucks, a brand new one will you give you peace of mind on your camping trip that your home will be safe and dry while you're away for the weekend!

3. Have Your Lawn Aerated

One of the easiest ways to have your lawn looking lush and green all summer is setting it up for success. For roughly $75-100 (on an average lot size) you can have a landscaping business come in and aerate your lawn. Aerating your lawn perforates the lawn with little holes, allowing air, water, and nutrients penetrate the grass roots quicker and more effectively. 

A quick Google search of "landscaping business in Regina" will help you find someone more than capable, or just flag down the business that is down the street already maintaining your neighbours yard! 

4. Give The BBQ A Good Clean

We're all eager to get friends and family over for backyard parties. And what better then the taste of a fresh BBQ'd burger on a hot summer day. Take a few minutes and clean out the BBQ from the previous year. Empty the drip tray, or what I like to do, take a shop-vac and give the inside of the BBQ a once over to get rid of any excess drippings, etc. Ever struggle with un-controllable flames while grilling? It is likely due to excess food, grease, etc. that catches fire. Also, a fresh grilling surface would likely help out and give fresh new life to an older BBQ.

5. Freshen Up Your Outdoor Space

Freshen Up Your Outdoor Space

This can be done as extravagantly or modestly as you'd like, but, usually a fresh pillow set or string of patio lights is all it takes to get you stoked to spend all spring and summer in your outdoor space. We live in a Pinterest and Varage Sale day and age… the possibilities are limitless! 

At the end of the day, we spend more that half of our year stuck inside during the cold winter months. Get outside and get your home ready to take advantage of a hot Saskatchewan summer!