NEW BUILD STORY // After we tour the house on reveal day James and I leave the clients with the camera crew and they reflect on the journey. It’s a time for them to process and put into words how they feel after seeing their finished house for the first time and it’s a time to reflect on a long journey that was worth the wait. We don’t know what was said until the team hands us the reveal video and it always gives me goosebumps. Because the whole time we aren’t building these homes for us - we’re building it for them - and to hear first hand how they feel at the end reminds us why we do our job every day with passion and purpose.

REMODEL STORY // Jared + Renee started their dream by delivering a hand written letter to a Bay of strangers. Asking them to remember Jared + Renee when they were ready to sell their homes. What started off as a dream for Jared + Renee came true and we were so honoured to be asked to join them on this adventure and 8 months later we handed the keys back to a home that underwent a full top to bottom remodel with two new additions and a new dream yard.

REMODEL STORY // Paul + Stephanie had the unique opportunity to remodel Paul’s childhood home and make it their own. If these walls could talk there would be some pretty amazing stories shared of Paul’s childhood and many more to come from this next chapter.

REMODEL STORY // Tyler + Brooke share their experience bringing Trademark in to Remodel the dream home they purchased in the perfect location.

NEW BUILD STORY // Kyle + Sarah share their story of how building a Freedom Series home has impacted their busy lives, and what it means to live in freedom.


"Everything Trademark promised, they delivered on." 
-Teale Orban

"When we moved in, the level of detail Trademark went through during the walk-through was outstanding."
-Derek & Sandi

"We definitely appreciated the flexibility in customizing our design."
- Mileo & Paula