Affordability... We've Been Here For Years

There's been a lot of tension created by the media the last little while with the new mortgage rules the Canadian government have announced. Everywhere you turn, it seems as though the fear is being injected into first time home buyers. "BUY NOW!" or "It's a great time to buy!" Phrases that seems to be echoed by everyone in Real Estate. "My only option is now a condo." Words that seem to spill out from young adults everywhere.

Trademark Homes Showhome in Westerra

A couple of years ago, we saw good, hardworking people everywhere trying to buy their first home. Thus why we created The Freedom Series. We felt that first time buyers and a younger generation deserved the opportunity to build a new, single family home. Their own walls. Their own yard. Their own space.

The long and short of it... affordability has been stitched into the DNA of why we build homes. We've been preaching about living within your means for a long while now, it just so happens that the new mortgage rules just force first time buyers into that reality.

The good news is that our Freedom Series continues to grow everyday. Our customers are constantly helping our product evolve by making custom floorplan modifications to create their own unique space, and our team is always dreaming up new, innovative ways to make the most out of ever inch of usable space.

We're passionate about building homes for good people, so naturally, most days at Trademark are dedicated to bringing affordability to single family homes.

Affordability... Don't call it a comeback, we've been here for years.